The ABAKiS Story

The Founders
ABAKiS was founded by David and Erik, two parents of children with autism. We saw first-hand the lasting benefits of a well-run ABA program with our own children but also experienced first-hand the challenges of keeping our BCBAs updated.
Back in the Day ...
At the time this meant spending hours per week copying data out of binders to send by email, as our BCBAs often traveled from other cities. Team members communicated through hand-written notes in the binders, and up to 20% of ABA time was spent on administrative tasks.
A Better Way
We knew there had to be a better way. ABA data can get very complex, so keeping things simple and easy to use would be a challenge. But being engineers, we put our heads together and with determination, found a way of making ABA data simple to record and track.
Keep it Simple
Keeping things simple and easy to use is a constant challenge. "Keep It Simple" became much more than just the basis for the name ABAKiS. It’s our inspiration and it guides everything we do. Even though our children are now grown, we continue to build and expand on ABAKiS so it can help even more families to achieve success with their ABA programs.


"I have been using ABAKiS for about a year now and I gotta say that I am very happy with the simplicity and convenience of the program. Communication between teachers and parents as well as everyone else involved is far simpler, more streamlined. Well worth the 20$ a month."

- Jennifer G.
User Friendly
"I have found ABAKiS to be very user friendly and it has helped to streamline communication and keep everyone in the loop."

- Sarah P.
Time Saving
"I have been so happy with the ABAKiS program. It is easy to use and has cut down on the time I spend entering my daughter’s data. Thank you ABAKiS team!"

- G Singh