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David Costin

Finding a suitable location for ABA clinic

Find Your Ideal Clinic Location

In this installment of the series on starting your own ABA clinic we will dive into the considerations needed to select the best possible location for your business. Regardless if you want to run the clinic out of suite in your home, provide on-site services or various sizes of fixed commercial operations you can benefit from the contents of this article.  Type of Space Needed In order to determine what… Read More »Find Your Ideal Clinic Location

BCBA setting up legal and administrative framework for clinic

Legal and Administration Preparation

Today we are diving into what is required to setup a well functioning  ABA practice. Many BCBAs find this part the most difficult as it is not much fun and requires detailed effort, but in the end is one of the key pillars for a successful practice. Accreditation/Credentialed Depending on where your business is located you may have different requirements to meet. This particular list is based on the USA… Read More »Legal and Administration Preparation

Clinic Director making business plan for ABA treatment center

Business and Financial Planning

Welcome to our fourth entry about starting your own ABA Clinic. This time we will be diving into the details regarding the planning for the business and associated finances. Business Planning There are many key aspects to planning your business, however many undervalue the naming of their business in the process of developing a roadmap for it. Furthermore the name you pick for your clinic is vital as it indicates… Read More »Business and Financial Planning

Assessing the Market

Assessing the Market

This is the third entry in our series on how to start an ABA clinic. There are five key components to assessing the market. This is an important step as it will help you to define the best possible clinic for the customers you wish to market to and acquire.  References Interested in ABAKiS? Quick Tour – ABAKiS – Quick Tour – YouTube Request a Demo – Select a Date… Read More »Assessing the Market

Clinic Team discussing patient treatment

Building Your Clinic Teams

For our second installment of how to start an ABA clinic, we will be focusing on team building. Most businesses have several teams of people who work together to create and grow it. You may not have all three of these examples but you will likely need something from each one of them. It is critical to create teams of people you would be delighted to work alongside.  Developing Your… Read More »Building Your Clinic Teams

Envision yourself working at a clinic you started.

Unleash Your Passion By Starting Your ABA Clinic

Introduction Are you one of the many BCBAs considering starting your own practice? Ready to unleash your passion by starting your ABA clinic? Whether you are new to the industry or have been working at a clinic for a while now, this guide will help you on your journey to setting up your own practice. In this series we will cover a broad range of topics from business plans, market… Read More »Unleash Your Passion By Starting Your ABA Clinic