Track Skills with Learning Modules
Learning modules are where you track Skills Development in ABAKiS.  Your BA can easily setup new modules in minutes, and your team can add targets to track. ABAKiS makes it easy to enter discrete trial data on the fly. If you prefer, you can enter data at the end of the session, or even back-fill historical data. Module summary data and charts allow you to see where your team is focusing their time. More detailed views show you at a glance where your learner is making progress - or if extra direction is needed.
Track ABC Behaviour Data
The "Behaviour Hotlist" allows BIs to rapidly record behaviours as they occur without losing their place, so they can get back to business quickly when the situation is resolved. It's easy to add all the details afterwards. Your BA can also provide a "Reactive Plan", instructions for managing behaviours when they occur; and a "Preventive Plan", for how to avoid them in the first place. Behaviour tracking charts show visually the trend over time - just like the hand-drawn charts you may be used to, but instantly updated and always available. You always know what's working and what isn't.
Review Completed Session Logs
Even if your ABA team has a regular schedule, it's important to keep track of who did what and when. ABAKiS automatically creates session logs as you record data, saving you time. At the end of a session, it's easy to review everything and fill in any missing data. It's also possible to schedule sessions ahead of time, and add notes for the BI about what they should focus on. At the start of each session, it's good practice for a BI to review everything that's happened since their last session. ABAKiS makes this quick and easy.
Manage Team Members
Your ABA journey is likely to span many years, and it's highly unlikely that you will end up with the same crew you started with.  ABAKiS makes it easy to add and remove new team members and assign them different roles with different levels of access. You can even add someone as an Observer so they can monitor progress but not record any data. Your regular subscription includes unlimited team members.

As parents of Children gifted with autism, we know first-hand the challenges of managing an ABA team.
Done well, ABA is an essential component of the overall supports demanded by the autistic learner.