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Basics Plan

CA5.00 / month with 1 month free trial

Stuck on a waitlist for ABA? Give yourself a head start tracking your kiddo’s behaviour with the parent-friendly version of ABAKiS.
All data recorded is 100% transferable to your ABA program once you get it started.

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Are you on a waitlist for a BCBA, or facing ABA funding limitations?
That shouldn’t stop you from harnessing the power of ABA to track targeted behaviours.

ABA works because it’s based on data. With the ABAKiS Basics Plan, you can get down to basics immediately and record standard three-term contingency (“ABC”) data for targeted behaviours. Having this data at your fingertips can help jump-start your ABA program until you find a practitioner. Until then, it will also help you gain insight into what exactly is going on, removing the guesswork.

Discover the power of keeping things simple, the ABAKiS way!