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By answering these survey questions, you can help shape the future of myABAKiS. Your answers will help us ensure new capabilities support the needs of professionals like you.

Data collection needs for ABA cohorts

We are currently assessing the data collection needs of BCBAs who conduct group ABA sessions. In future we hope to be able to support these needs based on your feedback.

Data collection needs for ABA cohorts

How large are your group sessions? (Count the number of learners only)

Group Session Composition

This looks at the composition of your group sessions. You may have multiple cohorts, but do those cohorts typically stay together or is each session variable?
How are Learners assigned to Cohorts?

This looks at sessions from the Learner's perspective. Do learners typically stick with a single cohort of the same learners, or do they tend to mix? Choose the closest option.
Do group learners also have 1:1 sessions?
Approximately what percentage of your group session learners also get dedicated, one-on-one ABA intervention at your practice?

How do you collect data?

The following questions will help us to understand the type of data you need to collect and how your team members will collect it.

Data Collection Needs

For these questions, please indicate when you would collect this data and how important this data is to record for your learners in group sessions.
When do you collect skills / learning data?
Mass Trials Data
How important is it for you to be able to record mass trials data for group session learners?
Rubric / Scale Data
How important is it for you to be able to record "rubric" (rule-based options or value scale) data for group session learners?
Qualitative Data
How important is it for you to be able to record qualitative data (written notes) for group session learners?
When do you collect behaviour data?
ABC Data
How important is individual ABC-style (low frequency) behaviour data?
High Frequency Data
How important is high-frequency (e.g., interval) behaviour data?
Duration / Intensity
How important are additional behaviour parameters such as duration or intensity?

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