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Assessing the Market

Assessing the Market

This is the third entry in our series on how to start an ABA clinic. There are five key components to assessing the market. This is an important step as it will help you to define the best possible clinic for the customers you wish to market to and acquire. 

  • Target Market – Identify the people who you want to become your customers. The ideal customer profile for your business will include elements such as the region you live in, who is in need of your services and what clients you want to attract. Often people start out trying to be everything to everyone, it is better to focus your efforts on a smaller segment of the population.
  • Objective – This is a statement about the purpose of your clinic, its goals and delivering the latent needs in your local clientele.
  • Industry Outlook – Here is where you need to assess the current state and future of the industry overall and within your specific community. This will involve looking at the trends, emerging opportunities, autism rates, changes in ABA treatment techniques and other factors.
  • Competition – Survey the current landscape of clinics and other service providers in your area. How will your services stack up against theirs and what can you offer to set yourself apart from the rest?
  • Compliance and Regulations – You need to assess what federal, state/province and even local regulations apply to your business. Some aspects will require you to get a license, others will need you to track your practice to maintain a level of compliance or both.


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